Producer of Hollywood movie “Ramayana” Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree by California Public University, USA

California Public University awarded Guru Swarup Srivastava the Honorary Doctorate for Pioneering Contributions to the film industry.

New Delhi (India), September 27: Guru Swarup Srivastava, the visionary industrialist and producer of the highly anticipated international Hollywood movie “Ramayana,” has been conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Degree (PhD) by California Public University, USA. This prestigious recognition was bestowed upon him in a grand ceremony at Hotel Taj in Delhi.

Guru Swarup Srivastava’s journey reflects a deep commitment to societal betterment. He financially supported films like “Krrish” and “Shwaas (Marathi),” contributing to the Indian film industry’s growth.

He is set to make waves with the international Hollywood movie “Ramayana,” a project that explores the dimensions of human consciousness and the mind, transcending ages to modernity. “The film will delve into the philosophy of self-discovery inherent in the epic “Ramayana,” bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and quantum physics. The film features the involvement of world-renowned scientist Dr. Stuart Hameroff, co-author of the ‘ORK’ [Orchestrated Objective Reduction] theory of consciousness,” Srivastava explained.

Guru Swarup Srivastava has also announced plans to shoot the “Ramayana” film in Agra and Hathras, a decision tied to his connection to Agra, his place of birth and early education.

Guru Swarup Srivastava completed his post-graduation from IIT Delhi, and the conferral of an Honorary Doctorate Degree by California Public University, USA, is a testament to Guru Swarup Srivastava’s visionary contributions to various fields, his dedication to the arts, and his commitment to uplifting society.

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