Vikas Lifecare sets out to get technology transfer from a leading European entity for recycling of Cross-Linked Poly Ethylene (XLPE)

New Delhi (India), January 25: Vikas Lifecare Limited is pleased to announce that for obtaining advanced technology to recycle Cross-Linked Poly Ethylene (XLPE), we are in the advanced stages of negotiation with an Industry Pioneer from Europe.

Vikas Lifecare is one of the key players in the plastics recycling segment in India. The companyan early starter in the segment of “Re-Cycling”&“Up-Cycling”varied types of plastic scraps, understood and realized the importance of re-using plastics as a valuable resource and as part of a sustainability roadmap.

In this very pursuit, Vikas Lifecare entered into negotiation, now in defining stage, for obtaining technology transfer for recycling of Crosslinked Poly Ethylene (XLPE) from a Leading European company through Nortech Trinity India Private Limited (a former subsidiary of Norner AS., Norway).

Vikas Lifecare has been specifically active in this field of recycling polymer scraps which are conventionally considered impossible to re-cycle and rendered use-less. The Company has already come up with various “Industry First” initiatives in “Re-Cycling” and “Up-Cycling” various polymer scrap materials, as ready to use plastic compounds, successfully unlocking the high value hidden in these materials. Owing to the challenges in recycling cross-linked compound materials, there is an eminent need to recycle scrap of XLPE materials which is being applied in enormous volumes across the globe, these materials shall be re-utilized, especially in the emerging circular economies, to generate new revenue streams and reducing environmental burdens.

Besides this technology transfer for recycling of Cross linked Poly Ethylene (XLPE), Vikas Lifecare is in the process of setting up a High-Level Task Force using the expertise and synergies of M/s  Nortech Trinity Private Limited and Vikas Lifecare’s recent acquisition M/s Genesis Gas Solutions Private Limited to explore further areas of technology advancement in company’s existing and intended businesses.

What is Cross Linked Poly-Ethylene (XLPE):

Polyethylene is conventionally being widely used across industry in both Low-Density Poly Ethylene (LDPE) and High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) forms. The Crosslinked Poly Ethylene (XLPE / XPE / PEX) is increasingly being adopted for applications where there is a need for improved long-term thermal or chemical stability, such as in heavy-duty electrical cables as insulation materials (XLPE), in plumbing as hot water and central heating piping (PEX – nearly 50% of the market) and in the automotive industry as seating foams.

Challenges linked to recycling of Cross Linked Poly Ethylene (XLPE):

Whilst the regular LDPE and HDPE plastics can be easily recycled using conventionaltechnologies, crosslinked material cannot be easily returned to its non-crosslinked state for reuse. Which means that currently, XLPE production scrap and off-cuts generated during product application are discarded. This scrap represents a valuable and costly resource and its recovery is highly desirable. In order to recover this material a technology is required that can reverse the crosslinking process whilst retaining the technical properties of the polymer.

Recycling of the crosslinked polymers using Continuous De-Vulcanisation Technology has demonstrated both the technical and commercial feasibility of recovering re-usable materials at production scales for reuse in respective original applications with minimal or no loss of properties or alteration of production process.

Brief about NortechTrinity India Pvt Ltd:

NortechTrinity is a 100% former subsidiary of Norner AS., Norway, a global market leader of Industrial R&D Services in Polymer Industry. Norner trinity is an enterprise managed by professionals from Advanced Technologies, Renewable Energy, Oil, Gas, Coal& Mining, Steel, Agriculture & Chemicals segments, engaged in providing services in Consulting, implementation & Supply chain Sourcing solutions.

Vikas Lifecare Ltd. (VLL) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, engaged in trading and manufacturing of polymer, rubber compounds and additives for plastics, synthetic & natural rubber. The company is primarily engaged in the various business segments i.e. Polymer & Rubber Commodity (bulk consumption) Compounds and Master-Batches (Manufacturing up-cycled compounds from industrial and post-consumer waste materials like EVA, PVC, PP, PE etc.), contributing to the Environment Protection initiatives from the Government of India and fulfilling the mandated EPR obligations for the conglomerates using hundreds of thousands of tonnes of plastic products and packaging materials.

VLL is also a Del-Credere agent of ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.) Petro Additions Limited, a public sector undertaking producing a wide variety of base polymers and commodity plastic raw materials.

As a long-term business strategy, the company has most recently diversified it’s business interests beyond raw materials (B2B businesses) and forayed into the B2C segment with a host of consumer products including FMCG, Agro, and Infrastructure Products; paving way for an aggressive business growth with intricately planned and selected product portfolios via acquisitions, joint ventures and tie-ups.  VLL intends establishing / acquiring businesses in these segments thereby expanding its footprint in the country and beyond.

The securities of the Company are listed on both the Stock Exchanges, BSE (Scrip Code: 542655) and NSE (Scrip Code: VIKASLIFE).

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