Hottest music sensation of 2022, Lakshay Kapoor, backed by Dharma Cornerstone Agency to launch his non-film music career with VYRL Originals

Lakshay’s first single with VYRL Originals is set to release on 6th Oct 2022.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 1: Two of the most prominent names of the entertainment business, Karan Johar’s talent house – Dharma Cornerstone Agency (DCA) and Universal Music India’s (UMI) VYRL Originals, have come together to launch a new singer, Lakshay Kapoor, with his first song set for a worldwide release on October 6th.

Lakshay Kapoor is the first musical talent signed under the Dharma Cornerstone Agency, Karan Johar’s in-house talent powerhouse. Hailing from Amritsar, Lakshay Kapoor is a successful entrepreneur before turning his sights on entering the Hindi music industry. He would sing popular song covers and put them up on social media, which organically helped him garner a sizeable fan base. After relocating to Mumbai, he caught the eye of DCA. Lakshay’s major breakthrough was his debut as a singer in the mainstream Bollywood arena with the romantic song titled “Mera Banega Tu” from the film Liger. Lakshay’s first major non-film Hindi original will be launched by VYRL Originals.

VYRL Originals, which stands as India’s first artist-focused platform, has also been instrumental in introducing and developing some of the finest talents in the country. The artist-first and integrated approach with some of the finest marketing innovations across different releases has been the driving force in making VYRL Originals the most desirable music label for the artist community.

On the occasion of this announcement, Karan Johar said, “Lakshay Kapoor is the first musical talent that Dharma Productions and DCA are introducing! His voice perfectly balances romance, intensity, and mainstream appeal! We are extremely bullish about his incredible talent, and the fact that his first non-film single is launching under the able aegis of Universal Music’s VYRL Originals gives him the best platform to take his music out to the world. I am very sure the audience will lap up his charm and voice. He will emerge as a solid front runner in the world of Indian music.”

Devraj Sanyal, MD and CEO – Universal Music India, said, “Lakshay is preparing even more now in order to capitalise on the opportunity and platform and to mark his excellence in the Indian Music Industry.”