BTL Aesthetics launch Emsculpt Neo + Emsella – First Time in India

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], October 28: BTL Aesthetics India launched its flagship combination of Emsculpt Neo + Emsella for a complete Mommy Makeover in association with DYU Healthcare, Bangalore, for the first time in India.

Women are facing the dual challenge of being prone to a variety of health issues and a lack of the right information. It calls for an empathetic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of their health concerns. In this context, Mommy Makeover aims to support new moms and make parenthood a pleasant and memorable experience.

Almost 45% of adults don’t engage in sufficient physical activity to attain health benefits. Sedentary lifestyle choices lead to reduced bone density and a decrease in muscle strength, which makes even the smallest of routine tasks difficult. The innovative combination of Emsculpt Neo and Emsella, called Core to Floor therapy, is the world’s first and only non-invasive solution that addresses the entire core leading to improved muscle strength and balance.

Emsculpt Neo causes your muscles to contract at an intensity that is equivalent to 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes—basically getting results of an intense workout without actually working out. Emsculpt uses HIFEM (high intensity-focused electromagnetic) technology to build 25% more muscle. It even reduces diastasis recti or abdominal muscle separation by an average of 19%. Emsculpt also decreases abdomen fat by around 30%.

Emsella, on the other hand, uses HIFEM to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The rate at which it strengthens your core’s foundation is more than any other treatment. According to clinical studies, 95% of subjects reported improved quality of life.

The combined technologies of Emsella and Emsculpt Neo improve neuromuscular strength, vitality and intimacy. Apart from women who have been pregnant, it is also ideal for women and men of all ages who want to gain a better quality of life.

In new moms, this non-invasive mommy makeover not only helps restore the pre-baby look but functionality as well. Mommy Makeover Solutions helps new moms overcome postpartum concerns like tightening pelvic floor muscles, rejuvenating vaginal skin, treating cellulite and stretch marks, and tightening stretched skin. Women who are pregnant, menstruating or breastfeeding should not undertake this treatment.

About BTL Aesthetics India

BTL Aesthetics India develops, manufactures, and markets a portfolio of recognized products, becoming a market leader in non-invasive body shaping, one of the fastest-growing segments of aesthetic medicine.

About DYU Healthcare

Based in Bangalore, DYU Healthcare offers advanced medical and cosmetic solutions for women. As a woman and child care center, DYU provides end-to-end support to a woman’s health needs covering her entire lifespan from infancy to menopause.

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