Chef Taruna Birla launches her Cookery Book

Visionary Chef Taruna Birla who is also a homemaker, mother and an entrepreneur recently launched her cookery book.

Jaipur, Rajasthan [India] : She observed a thing about her vicinity that there were no cooking classes in her city that would teach people how to cook delicious food in a fun and exciting way. Hence, she started her cooking institute- a state of the art infrastructure and well-equipped culinary studio to fulfill this need of people in her city.

While talking about her cooking institute she said that “Taruna Birla Cooking Institute is your ultimate destination for all things that are tasty. We will train our students to bring out the Master Chef in them by slowly mastering the craft of winning hearts, filling stomachs and electrifying tongues. We are passionate about bringing amazing experiences to people’s taste buds in order to master the skill of cooking. The institute will allow people to develop and pursue their love for cooking and baking in a fun, efficient and productive way. The institute will give you an end-to-end cooking experience, teaching you the various methods of cooking, working with spices, cooking various foods and so on. The whole idea is to create an immersive experience around cooking and baking.”

We all see desserts in many parties, restaurants and It never fails to bring smile on everyone’s faces. But does everyone know how to make it? What ingredients are used in it, tricks to make it? The answer to this question is NO. Many people love to have brownies and cookies but don’t know how to make them. So to make these people aware about brownie and cookie recipe Master Chef Taruna Birla has launched her book named Enchanted on this new year i.e. on 2nd January 2021. This book was launched at Taj Jai Palace with the presence of many dignitaries, family and friends. Lokesh sharma,Rishi Miglani,Naveen Naraniwal,Ashima Parnami, vishal Mathur, apra kuchhal, Hemant Ambwani, sujata bhandari, Meera kataria were also present at the launch event.

“The book launch has made me really happy as anyone who will have this book will be able to follow the recipe and make delicious brownies and cookies.” Says Chef Taruna at the book launch.

Bookings for this book started from 1st December 2020. One can book this book through the site One can also pre order the book and get a discount with special handwritten note signed by Chef Taruna Birla.

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