Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Tik Tok beauty trends have taken over the pandemic blues. Skincare has gained prominence. Skincare regimes have become paramount than anything now. But unfortunately, not many be aware of what needs to be applied to their skin as most of them are not aware of their skin dynamics.

Most people end up using a combination of skincare products as a result of misinterpretation. According to Dr. Julia Tzu, an NYC-based dermatologist, Layering on multiple skincare products all at once can be harsh on the skin, resulting in more breakouts and clogged pores.

While many beauty influencers threw light on actives, audiences are unable to comprehend the nature of actives. This led evolution of many skincare brands that focused more on the ingredients that will rule out a certain skin concern. Skin Law, a skincare brand that focuses on the holistic approach of skincare. Founded by Santhoshi reddy, a former creative head at twenty beauty aims to educate people on no-nonsense skincare that involves a coherent approach to skin problems. The theme is attaining a lot of applause as it revolves around inferences from the law.

Every user needs to know about the actives that are being used on the skin. Santhoshi Reddy is also planning an interactive series on skin sins, and Knitty gritty information about the usage of skincare. She reckons it will bust many myths and stereotypes around skincare and educate them to have better skin health. When asked about the idealogy of the brand, Santhoshi Reddy, Founder of skin law said that “ It is very unfortunate to see consumers lack knowledge of what’s being slather on their skin. If had adequate knowledge,  Not only will people won’t overdo and underdo their regimes. Coherence is the essence we are trying to establish as a brand”. You can also follow her latest updates on skin-nurturing on her Instagram @santhoshiofficial

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