Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Are you tired of understanding the complex chemical compounds of your skincare products? Firstly, Exfoliants are acids that don’t harm the skin at all. Instead, they aid to resurface skin in the skin cycle by removing wasted skin. Anyone who doesn’t have a chemical knowledge of beauty ingredients mostly misinterprets and uses them properly. It is paramount to note every ingredient might not be able to accommodate all skin types.

Corey L Hartman, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, AL recommends daily chemical exfoliation and then incorporating mechanical exfoliation into your regimen about once a week. He emphasized the fact that everyone’s skin type and goals are different. Hence one needs to understand the dynamics of skin to have an efficient regimen.

Skin Law is a no-nonsense skincare brand. The brand affirms to belief in the science of skin and good cosmeceuticals. Education of skincare has been its top priority. Skin Law is formulated with healing ingredients that enhance the performance of the skin ingredients without disrupting the natural skin barrier. Besides good formulation, the brand received applause for its exclusive packaging themed with motive inspirations taken from the law.

Speaking of the brand, Founder Santhoshi Reddy said, “We wanted to create a community where everyone can share an abundance of knowledge and inspire each other. Skin law envisions a Holistic skincare approach in near future Let’s normalize skin concerns and accept the changes our body goes through. When one tries out a new ingredient, It is paramount to know about the ingredient list. Understand your skin. Knowing your skin type itself will solve major skin concerns. Be consistent in regimens. Be considerate of the stipulated time to let the actual ingredient work’’.

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