Kajol Bheda’s Journey to Becoming the Best Emerging Innovative Entrepreneur In 2021

New Delhi, September 23:  For every successful business, several hurdles come with it. When we had a conversation with the Founder of Scribbld Social, Kajol Bheda, she told us that every hurdle faced was a stepping stone for the company to reach where it is today. In particular, during the pandemic, it was difficult for people to understand the plan, working process and progress as it was initiated as a work-from-home setup. Moreover, bringing together a team of trustworthy, loyal and creative employees was one of the bigger challenges. Scribbld Social started with zero investment; it was Kajol & her laptop against the world.

Scribbld Social hires based on more than just skills! It’s an organization that believes every individual is unique in their way and always aims at creating a place where hard-working, dedicated and creative employees stand out rather than fitting in and grow professionally. After all, an effective team can do wonders and also create a fun and healthy work environment!

When asked what helpsKajol achieve her goals in a world that’s constantly evolving, she said, “Sticking to the plan is underrated, you know?”. There are several issues a digital studio faces, and one of the major issues is managing to keep client preferences intact while also incorporating their ideas. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for this studio – “One of the key points and secrets behind a successful rapport with a client would be to listen, note down and act accordingly, especially when you have clients who are motivating and have expertise in their field of professionalism. We respect everything we learn from each of our clients and use it to grow to greater heights mutually. This is something I always say to potential clients – “You ask us for one, you’ll always receive two”, says Kajol Bheda.

When asked about what marketing means to her, she said, “Marketing is storytelling strategically. Our parents tell us stories as kids & try selling morals as strategies for us to pick up on when we’re older & we do spend a lot of time thinking about why the tortoise won the race.”

When we asked Kajol about the technique that has evolved as the most significant Digital Marketing tool in the present day and why she says it’s all experience. Apart from just creating content, this agency helps its partners sell their products and services. When asked about what makes her good at sales, she said, “I am very empathetic as a person. That is mainly what helps me sell.”

Scribbld Social recently also launched a new vertical, Recrooot, which serves as a  community for employers and employees to match their requirements and expectations collectively. There are several hurdles that women have to face, even when applying for a job and at the professional front. Kajol had been told at one of her interviews that she was “perfect for the job, but they thought a man would be able to handle it better because of the long working hours and the kind of stress and responsibilities that came with it”. Career choices today aren’t limited to women, but the minds of many employers out there are. That’s what we want to change with Recrooot. We want people to be hired based not only on their skills but also on their interests, hobbies, etc. It’s essential to fit into the company culture. It’s funny because Kajol often tells the heads of other companies that if you keep in mind their hobbies, that week-long ski trip at the end of the year won’t come as a surprise. It is why Recrooot is a very special venture for all the people associated with and to it.

It is often very challenging to build an empire right from its root, so we had several questions about how the process of revenue generation took place. When explaining the process, Kajol said that it was amusing because she was mostly advised to charge hefty amounts to consumers when she initiated her company. She quoted one of her initial clients a budget of 10K, and then this amount was equally divided between her employee and her. This strategy was used to grow the business for a long period. During the first year, the company made two million, and since then, the company has been doubling its revenue every quarter and is expecting to touch a whopping 7 million mark by June ’22. Investors, keep your eyes out for this one!

Kajol has set an example for many young entrepreneurs to believe and work towards their dream.