Business Mint recognizes Leed International Training & Certification Pvt Ltd as the most promising Oil & Gas consultant Company

New Delhi (India),  February 17: Leed International Training and Certification Pvt Ltd, the leading “API Q1/Q2 Monogram” consultant company in India and Overseas, has successfully managed to gain a remarkable position in the Business Mint Nationwide awards 2021. The company has managed to win the reward in this category: Best Emerging Oil and Gas Consultant Company – 2021, Mumbai. The prestigious award was announced on 27th November 2021 on the platform of Nationwide Awards, In the presence of Young Leaders  Sagar Thakkar &  Divya  Bharati of Leed, where thousands of professionals and organizations participated. Amidst numerous startups and reputed companies, the achievement of Leed International Training and Certification Pvt Ltd is appreciable.

In India, The National Awards are the biggest privately organized award that showcases innovation with more impact, which is influential in redefining the nation’s future, organized by Business Mint. The platform selects, recognizes, and promotes the best organizations and professionals all over the country. It evaluates more than 10,000 organizations and services in 500 categories from more than 100 cities to analyze the best.

With the advancement of technology, people are always amazed by their favorite companies that offer exciting products and services. The oil and gas industries have also evolved drastically to provide the best quality to their clients. Leed International Training and Certification Pvt Ltd is specialized in API and provides ISO certifications, training, and process management services to many countries. It has covered the Middle-East and Asian countries like India, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Singapore, etc. The company has extensive knowledge in providing the standard solution to the Oil and Gas industry. The company regularly offers in-house public training API Q1/ API Q2 monogram certification. The company is deeply committed to quality and improvement and follows true professionalism and integrity. To ensure consistency in work, the company offers a dedicated team and a project manager for each project from the start to the end. The company’s experts include MBAs, Ph.D. holders, and engineers who can offer clients the best solutions. The oil and gas industry has seen a diverse change with technology. It has become imperative to adhere to API standards as it helps develop the quality and standard of the products and services.

About Leed International Training and Certification Pvt Ltd:

Leed International Training & Certification Pvt Ltd. is proud to offer high-quality training to companies in the oil and gas industry. They can help you with anything from understanding how a standard might benefit your business to implementing, monitoring, and auditing your compliance with that standard. They are dedicated to offering quality and professional training services to all of their clients. Leed International Training &Certification Pvt Ltd. has a track record of quality and service excellence that has allowed it to remain a trusted industrial and maritime inspection source for a wide range of clients. These services are noted for their promptness, dependability, and professionalism.