Inkxpert Review- Get Top-Quality Content Written By an Experienced and Dedicated Writer

New Delhi (India), April 4Inkxpert, Inc. has been a marketing communications company catering to the content and marketing needs of the world since 2013. The company represents a team of professional writers with years of experience in various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, automobile, sports, fashion & lifestyle, education, and travel & tourism, amongst several others.

Inkxpert is known for delivering nothing but top-quality. Every individual in the team is a highly experienced technical writer who has worked with world-leading companies like PwC, Deloitte, Accenture, Capgemini, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Walmart, Abbott, Biocon, etc. With such brand names, quality becomes an “obvious” factor — and the company has been making no expectations delivering the same. It is one of the reasons and explanations for why and how the company managed to bag 5000+ clients globally.

Last year, when the entire business world was suffering from COVID-19 and the global economy was the worst hit by nationwide lockdowns, Inkxpert got funding from a couple of prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firms like Hudson Venture Investments and KSA Partners. It accelerated the company’s growth: In the Series A round of seed funding, Inkxpert got a whopping investment of $4.2 million, pegging its market valuation at $7 million. “Over the years, our foremost priority has been to hire experienced writers with domain expertise. Each client’s business and service domain is different. To understand the core concept of any business, a particular writing consultant with relevant industry experience is assigned so there is perfect alignment with the client’s requirements. That’s how we create a wow experience.” says Vineet Gupta, GM Operations, Inkxpert India. Inkxpert grew quickly throughout the ongoing pandemic when most companies were trying to make a balance with the new remote working norms, which the company was already doing for years.

Finding good writers, especially for technical content for the IT industry, is a tedious task. Not to mention the commitment one needs that most freelance writers can’t promise. Inkxpert addressed the same even before entering the market. With a personal team of a writer, editor, and SEO specialist assigned to each client, the company ensures quick turnaround times for project delivery. The more experienced writers in the team have been wearing multiple hats of editors, proofreaders, and copywriters throughout their careers, which ensure that you get an orange if you ask for an orange and not a tangerine — details and quality matter.

Inkxpert follows a rigorous approach ensuring strict adherence to quality before the client receives the first version of the content. As soon as the dedicated writer for the project is done writing the content, the editor ensures it meets with client’s requirements and gives it a finishing touch. Once done, the SEO specialist makes sure the content is SEO-optimized and runs quality and plagiarism checks. The client then reviews the content and makes suggestions, if any. Clients can pick any existing plans: NANO, MICRO, MINI, and MAXO, as per their needs and requirements. Alternatively, they can request a customized approach.

Inkxpert, Inc. is a marketing communications company headquartered in New York and Mumbai. It fosters value in businesses with quality content, covering various domains, such as technology, healthcare, automobile, sports, fashion & lifestyle, education, BFSI, and travel & tourism. The company has got it all covered, from copywriting to SEO blogs, website content, blogs, brochures, whitepapers, press releases, and any other form of content. Inkxpert contributes 20% of profits to the education of underprivileged children with its “Inspire In Ink” campaign.