Medi Assist launches Medi Akanksha, an initiative to help women relaunch their careers

Anitha Manikantan, Head of People Practice – Medi Assist

  • Over 20% of the entire Medi Assist female population (i.e., 42%) are working mothers
  • Through Medi Akanksha, the organizations hire women across departments such as operations, partnerships, technology & also in various leadership roles
  • The organization intends to increase the women workforce to 50% in the next few quarters

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 27: Medi Assist recently announced the launch of Medi Akanksha, a program designed to help women who have taken a professional sabbatical owing to a variety of reasons. The Medi Akanksha program aims at eradicating the prejudice and stigma associated with women who take a career break and call upon women to take a second career.

The organisation has recently won a prestigious industry award for “Best Organization for Women 2022” Medi Assist is striving to create a gender-equal workplace by providing equal opportunities. The company currently has a ratio of 42% women in their workforce, and the goal is to increase this in the next few quarters. The idea behind Medi Akanksha is to tap the huge talent and capability among women professionals who have discontinued work for various reasons.

Taking a hiatus from work has been a significant professional setback for women. Coming back is difficult, especially when apprehension around lost abilities, lack of competency sharpening, or perceived lack of upskilling.

Medi Assist hopes to give opportunities and support for women to re-enter the workforce and resume their corporate jobs through this initiative. Structured onboarding, targeted mentoring, flexible work alternatives, and on-the-job learning are essential components in preparing potential employees for career 2.0.

We are quite proud of what we have accomplished here at Medi Assist to assist women in achieving their career goals and breaking down barriers! Our goal is to create an environment that encourages and helps women resume their careers. Women who are looking for a second chance in the workforce can send their profiles to us at

“A lot of thought has gone into this program. When we initially pitched this to the leaders, there was no difference in opinion or apprehension; we were fully supported to drive this. Medi Assist is an organization that supports women all through and has taken yet another leap to come forward with this program,” said Anitha Manikantan, Head of People Practice – Medi Assist.

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