#MitJayengiDooriyaan “#MitJayengiDooriyan went viral on social media platforms and garnered a collective reach of over 10 million.” “MitJayengiDooriyanhashtag was also on Twitter’s top 10 trending list in India.” “JK White Cement’s musical ode to the spirit of humanity”  Campaign video link –https://youtu.be/B-COFh67XXU New Delhi [India], June 4: Who can deny the fact that music has […]

The era of Mehandi Artists in the wedding industry- Sona Mistry

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 3: The journey from 0 to 100 isn’t easy, it takes tolls of hard work, dedication, determination, and most importantly creativity and patience. Even after reaching 100, the journey isn’t over. A lot more has to be achieved, a lot more has to be changed and a lot more respect has […]

FTV brings Its first Beauty pageant to India

Introduction to FTV At Fashion TV, we give budding fashionistas the platform to showcase their inner flair and come into their own. We unite them with their love for fashion, panache and connect with their inner self. Now is the time when the aspirants can prove themselves to the world and most importantly, to themselves. […]

Did you just say “Eat the sweetest mangoes for a social cause”? Yes, I am in.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 02: Mango season has arrived already, and just like every year, mango-lovers have found their true love once again. Mango finds a great place in Indian cuisine and Indian people can go to any extent to justify their love and craving for this tropical fruit which is quite exquisite and peculiarly […]

New Singing Sensation In the Town: Rapper Maddy

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 2: Rapper Maddy, also known as Anshit Sharma, is a versatile artist. He is an anchor, rapper, composer, lyricist, and dancer. This Indian singer and rapper can rap in five different languages English, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, and Portuguese. His all-rounder and multi-talented personality have gained many followers and fans. He has […]

How This Company is on Track to become the #1 Content Creation Platform on YouTube.

New Delhi [India], May 29: Faceless Automated YouTube Channels are poised to become the most lucrative online investment vehicle on the globe. After 5 years of dominance, the #1 YouTube Automation team in the world has democratized their “digital asset class” for retail investors to gain access to an asset that is being hailed as […]

La Mira Fashion – Stylish yet comfy!

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 31: The meaning of La Mira is “The Aim.” The motive to launch this brand in the market is to provide people with comfortable clothes that belong to the current trends as well. A variety of clothes available in the market are extremely fashionable and ecstatic but aren’t very comfortable to […]