Book ‘The Khan of Khel Khudaai’ Launched – A Compelling Fictionalized Account of the Current Geo-politics

Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) [India], July 29: There are not many authors, who can present a compelling fictionalized account of the current geopolitics. Author Harshaa Bharatula’s debut novel, “The Khan of Khel Khudaai,” pulls it off with panache. The book gives readers an insight into the culture and the complex manoeuvres of multiple entities – Afghan and non-Afghan. The story captures readers’ attention, especially now when political conditions in Afghanistan have made headlines worldwide.

The Khan of Khel Khudaai” is set in the 1970s when Afghanistan witnessed a series of events that resulted in the present situation that it finds itself in. The book also traces the impacts of those unrests on the common citizens of Afghanistan. The book very genuinely touches the reality, which both Indian and non-Indian readers would indeed find fascinating and gripping. Author Harshaa Bharatula is a Business Consultant, currently based in Bengaluru. He holds an MBA in finance from IFMR (Krea University) and a B.Com from Loyola College, Chennai. He has been an avid history buff since his school days. With “The Khan of Khel Khudaai, he has won the hearts of his readers.

Author Harshaa Bharatula is well travelled by the virtue of his work and has a deep interest in understanding different societies and cultures, which reflects in his book, “The Khan of Khel Khudaai. As the author begins unravelling the plot of the novel, there is a sequential development of the lives of the two characters and how fate pulls the strings of their lives while they take individual decisions, hoping to achieve their goals.

Author Harshaa Bharatula has brought in the right amount of fiction, political drama, action, and inspiration too! “The Khan of Khel Khudaai” is truly a masterpiece and the author has shown some great craft which is evident in the book. It’s really impressive to find out that the flow of writing is so well-retained right from the beginning till the very end that too by a debut author. Well, in all true sense author Harshaa Bharatula is a true writing genius, whose passion for writing will surely bring joy to readers and many more fascinating stories in the near future!

“The Khan of Khel Khudaai” by author Harshaa Bharatula, which was published worldwide on 29th of June 2021 by Evincepub Publishing, was a “Best-Seller” on Kindle! Due to both the subject matter and the characters, the book would catch the interest of the readers in no time. At the same time, it would also ensure that they would have a unique reading experience that blurs the lines between fiction and reality while providing the reader a greater awareness of the prevailing situation in Afghanistan. Author Harshaa Bharatula is a gifted storyteller. “The Khan of Khel Khudaai” deserves to be on your bookshelves as there is so much in this book, which you would find amazing and jaw-dropping!