Eastern India’s Legal Portal, Now Operational Internationally, Sets Foot into Dubai and Singapore

From Left Mr. Subh Jha, CEO of Legal Salah & Mr. Sujit Jha, Founder of Legal Salah

Kolkata, January 21: Legal Salah, a legal and financial-tech one-stop solution, has now launched its new international offices. Started as an online platform in Kolkata, Legal Salah has now become operational in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Singapore to help Indians over there in setting up their business.

The team of Legal Salah has dedicatedly aimed to provide help to the Indian startups, MSME, and trading companies who are looking for business setup and legal services in Dubai. Legal Salah is run and managed by an efficient team of professionals, mentors, and advisors who have the requisite experience and legal insights to guide you. Although the legal platform started with a team of 20 in Kolkata, currently, Legal Salah has a team of 35+ employees associated with them for both offline and online services. Soon the number will reach up to 50+ in upcoming days. Not only Dubai, but services have now become operational in Singapore as well. Legal Salah has collaborated with some Singapore-based companies primarily, while the investments have been made by Legal Salah itself. The motto behind their second international expansion is to ease the process of expanding Indian business in Singapore. They have also come up with the idea of a free webinar for the existing clients looking forward to expanding business in Singapore. For these two international offices, services can be availed via both online and offline modes.

Presently, the Singapore office of Legal Salah has around 15 employees as of yet, but the employee strength will increase sooner for both the international offices. Legal Salah enables users to track the status of work through the website along with the clients to protect their privacy and security. Previously, the mission of the company was to make legal work simpler and accessible for every individual in the country. As it has already created its offline presence both nationally and internationally, the company focuses to cater the problems of the local people more. In addition to this, Legal Salha is now providing financial solutions such as accounting, taxation, and incorporation. “We always want Legal Salah to be a trustworthy, dependable, and friendly legal-fin-tech platform when it comes to legal procedures, keeping in line with the mission of the company to make legal work simpler and accessible for every individual. With this aim, we have now moved forward to expand our network and office in Dubai and Singapore.”, said Mr. Subh Jha, CEO of Legal Salah.

The services provided by Legal Salah range from Dubai Company registration, legalities, documentation, business setup, licenses, and many more. The Dubai office of Legal Salah is located at Deira Clock Tower Roundabout, DED Building Block B G-01, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Similarly, a handful of services have been introduced for the Singapore office as well. Business registration, documentation, legal advice, tax liabilities, accounting, business insurance advisory, IT advisory, property advisory, annual return filing, etc., are some of their services from the list. In Singapore, Legal Salah is located at 5001 Beach Road, #08-11 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588.  After Bengaluru and Hyderabad, this international expansion of Legal Salah is surely a big hit. These international physical setups, as well as the national ones, will redouble the revenue as they are adding more partners and franchisees. Legal Salah follows an Indian revenue model as they are working on a profit basis plan. Although instead of earning revenue, Legal Salah is mainly concentrating on solving problems initially. According to Mr Jha, the problems should be taken care of first, even if the revenue goes down. Hence, Legal Salah practises services like free advice to the clients also.

Mr. Sujit Jha, another founder of Legal Salah, added, “We started our journey as a legal start-up from the very beginning of our emergence. From then onwards, we are continuously putting efforts to expand Legal Salah not only as a business firm but also as a legal and financial platform for all individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses, etc., irrespective of their size. We have already expanded the arena of Legal Salah in Bengaluru and Hyderabad in tier one. We now have become functional in Singapore and Dubai to help Indians in the legal and compliance part to set up business there. Many Indian companies and entrepreneurs choose Singapore for further business set-ups as it is the hub for business expansion because of its simpler and feasible tax systems. Not only people from India but anyone can now go for international business setups as well.”

Legal Salah is an umbrella platform for all tax, legal, and financial services, including taxation, corporate compliances, company registration, IPs, etc. Apart from that, Legal Salah has services like protecting brands, rating the agreements in negotiation and litigation services across the sectors including SMCG, SMEs, real estate, individuals, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in their list. Founded in 2015, Legal Salah has the aim of providing legal help and advice in accounting, taxation, and all other services for various start-up companies so that they do not face any hassle and take all sorts of solutions for their company under one roof. Therefore, be it a small-scale business, a start-up planner, or an individual taxpayer – everyone can avail services from the company.

The response of the people to this online legal service has been a big hit formerly. In September 2020, the company raised $1 million from investors based in Kolkata. The company has also been selected as the legal start-up of the year by Indian Awaz. Mr. Sujit Jha, one of the founders of Legal Salah, was nominated for Forbes Legal top hundred lawyers in India. Over the past two years, Legal Salah has served almost 20000 start-ups and SMEs across India and has served brands like OYO Life, Hero, Sulekha, and Duck Back. As a brand, Legal Salah wants to make legal work effortless and accessible to every individual in the country.

The company is currently working on the expansion of its business using previously raised funds. There is no future fund-raising programme until next year. Legal Salah is in collaboration with existing business owners in the digital and business development space. They have also developed a franchise model that can help entrepreneurs to build their businesses with proper guidelines. Apart from the international expansion, the company has already provided trouble-free legal work, taxation, and compliance to start-up businesses and SMEs across 150+ cities in India and is going to be operational in Bihar in India soon.

Website: https://legalsalah.com/


In the Indian scenario of lengthy legal proceedings and woefully inadequate business professionals, Legal Salah is a paramount breakthrough. The company aims for excluding the mediators between the disadvantaged and the professional and save the time of the former whilst the procedure. The Company came up with the idea of Legal Salah- an online legal advisory portal, after looking at the faulty and often pleonastic opinions of the lawyer and accountants. Thereby the motive of the firm is to provide hassle-free online legal, tax, compliance support to startups and SMEs who have a limited budget during the initial days of Business. The company sole aim and objective is to provide value with the money of the complainant and thus objective completion in a way that benefits them the best. Another intent is to eradicate of mouth reference and replace it with the expert opinions of professionals who not just guarantee the confidentiality of the query but also respond to it within 24 hours of asking hence saving the time of the user. There is also a provision for refund in case the inquisitor is not satisfied with the assessment provided, which is a breath of fresh air in the Indian legal scenario. The highlights of the company are the quality of work provided, easy legal accessibility and timely deliverables.