Shubham Bharti- engineer turned ace Entrepreneur

February 3: Shubham Bharti is one of the most famous Indian Social Media sensation. This wizard entrepreneur is one of the most popular Instagram Fashion Influencer from Uttarakhand. He has more than 19k followers on Instagram. He also owns two YouTube channels, one with over 125k subscribers.

Maverick Entrepreneur Shubham has led a journey from rags to riches without any support, he knows the importance of guidance and this is the reason why he has started to give back to the people what they have given him. He has been helping new Influencers to get their first 10,000 followers for a kickstart. Shubham Bharti believes that being an entrepreneur or influencer sounds very fascinating but it is actually a tough job. You need to come up with good content on a daily basis and you need to act very righteously in your daily routines. If anything goes south then it can critically damage your following. The road to being rich and famous is a tough one but even tougher is to be there at the top for a long time.

Shubham who is a successful entrepreneur now shares that he studied engineering in EEE and was very interested in modeling in his young days. After graduation he started posting on instagram and made his own channel. His content was loved by many and this way he got where he is now. When asked about tips for the budding entrepreneurs and influencers Shubham says- “Every one being an Influencer or Entrepreneur needs to be constantly alert and updated. Being an Instagram Influencer, one must know the daily trends and follow them and nowadays Instagram reels are the best way to gain followers and increase your engagement. After the ban of the popular social media platform “Tik-Tok”, Instagram reels is one of the best replicas for the same. Reels allows you to make small videos, Creating Reels has helped many influencers to attract new audiences. Similarly to build a brand one must start small and try to improve a little but on a daily basis. Always remember consistency coupled with hardwork is the key to success.”