A lucrative career in Direct Selling, mentored by Amit Dubey

April 27: The biggest lesson this pandemic has taught everyone is that you cannot rely on a job and stay in your comfort zone. Uncertainties of life may create havoc in your life. That’s why it is important to continue to upskill yourself. In last two years, so many people had to shift to new industries and look for new work options because the pandemic ended the work opportunities for them in their current setting. The entrepreneurial minds were those who started some new ideas through e-commerce and leveraged the momentum during this challenging time. What everyone realised was that selling and marketing holds the key to success!

Selling skills are what makes a CEO or an entrepreneur dream and achieve big goals in life. And impressive selling skills can bring unprecedented success in the life of youth. That’s what Amit Dubey, the youngest and one of the highly successful and inspiring entrepreneurs of India feels. Amit Dubey is a motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Coach &Corporate Trainer. He is widely recognized as India’s youngest and fastest growing leader in Direct Selling industry. He has been training thousands and thousands of people every day on how to create their success story in ever-growing Direct Selling Industry. He feels that direct selling business model which involves minimal investment and can be successfully carried out in a non-retail setting like at home, online or in informal places as well can help people of India to grow like never before.

“Direct selling is so easy and impressive because in this people sell products or services directly to end customers. In India, crores of peoples are jobless or unemployed. Unemployment is not due to lack of talent but rather due to lack of opportunities. Direct selling industry is the best platform to give best opportunity to fulfil dreams for anyone and everyone. All you need is focus and a will power to achieve your dreams!”

Amit feels that Direct Selling industry is suited for those who are ready for some training in this field. It is important to get proper training and mentorship in direct selling especially if you have the vision and long-term growth plan. Amit Dubey offers that training to the enthusiastic people who want to sharpen their selling and communication skills.

“My Aim is to educate the peoples about this industry and provide the best mentorship to achieve their goal in this industry. I am happy to see that in last few years, we have created more than 40 Crorepati Direct Seller Entrepreneurs, more than 5000 Lakhpati Entrepreneur my team through Direct Selling Business.”

In last 6 years, Amit Dubey has trained more than 8 lakh peoples across India through his power full seminar 1 million people through direct training and more than 10 millions of peoples through his Online YouTube Channel “Amit Dubey”. Amit Dubey has taken many career counselling sessions for the college students also in many institutes as a life coach.

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