Intraday Trading trend, increases at Alice Blue

–          Company records 11% YoY growth in Intraday trade volumes
–          Records over 50% YoY growth in revenues

India, June 1: With the buoyancy increasing in the Trade markets, customers using Intraday trading has increased at Alice Blue. The company has recorded a 11% YoY rise in Intraday trade. Across other trading instruments too the company has recorded significant YoY growth. With the positive market sentiment trading activity has been in the rise at Alice Blue taking its YoY revenue to grow by over 50%.

Recently the company announced noticeable growth across instruments including Gold, Futures & Derivatives with significant growth of new traders including first time traders and women traders.

Mr. Sidhavelayutham M., the Founder and CEO, Alice Blue, said, “Technology has been a keen enabler in taking trading in capital markets to the hands of the aspiring traders. With our easy to learn tutorials and similar guides has enthused more trading activity through our platforms resulting in positive numbers and doubled revenue growth this financial year.”

Alice Blue offerstech based learning systems such as Trade School and ANT IQ. This platforms offer educational courses and webinars on trading & investment by India’s top stock market investors and educators. For beginners, ANT-IQ educates customers through insightful articles and blogs on how to get started in the Stock Market. These learning tools along with new product offerings have been strong motivators for new customer acquisitions.

Alice Blue also offers a sophisticated marketplace for trading products called Trade Store, which is the first of its kind and helps the customers with, automating the trades with zero coding knowledge, trading and Investment tips, Investment in Mutual Funds at Zero Brokerage fees. Additionally, for ease of investing, the company offers customers a chance of investing in IPOs through easy UPI transactions.

In addition to the online services offered, Alice Blue services are also available across 16 major cities through 12,000 associates to assist with the physical presence, any requirement of customers who wish to trade and invest in the stock market.