GoZapX, an e-mobility startup, is creating a visionary platform by connecting EV owners to charging stations and Battery Swap Stations

EV Charging startup GoZapX is on the way to making the day-by-day drive calm, solid, and efficient for metropolitan India through its e-mobility solutions.

 New Delhi, August 13: It may be range anxiety; that dread of running out of battery is each electric vehicle user’s most exceedingly awful bad dream. All in all, why not address this by allowing each roadside shop to transform into a charging station?

Gurgaon-based startup GoZapX is tapping this opportunity by building a network of Charging Infrastructure, which would consist of a variety of charging stations such AC or DC and Slow/Fast/Moderate along with Battery Swap Stations. Hence, they would ensure that there is service available for everyone. Someone who doesn’t want to waste time in charging can easily swap their batteries within 2 minutes. Someone who can spend 15 to 45 minutes can use Fast charging stations, and someone who can wait for a couple of hours or need overnight charging can use GoZapX slow or moderate charging stations.

GoZapX is started by Vivek Kumar and Abhishek Kumar, an automobile expert, in the year 2021. Vivek is an IIT Delhi Alumni, a Digital Marketing and Product Expert.

As indicated by worldwide standards, there ought to be a public charging station for every ten electric vehicles. According to traditionalist development estimates (CAGR of 43.13%), by the end of 2022, there will be 5.3 million EVs which will require 5,30,000 public EV charging stations in India, out of which over 95% will be Type 2 AC charging stations.

The organization has fostered its product—GoZapX—remembering India’s conditions and framework. “GoZapX is a minimized, zero-maintenance, and IoT empowered charging station that can be introduced by small shops and people, empowering them to acquire an extra type of revenue. It is a conservative arrangement, so it very well may be introduced anyplace with a fundamental power association, in addition to the hosts need not make any infrastructural changes to set it up. GoZapX has installed around 100 charging stations within a couple of months of its inception, while there are only 1800 charging stations across India.

People aren’t buying vehicles since they have range anxiety and there is a lack of adequate charging infrastructure even though there are waivers on taxes, registration fees, and huge subsidies up to 2.5 lakhs being offered by different state governments and rising petrol prices are also a concern.

The main problem was there are a variety of Electric vehicles on the road and with different specifications and charging needs. Hence, one type of charging station won’t solve the problem. India has electric scooters, Electric Three wheelers, Electric Cars, Electric Buses, and Both their charging speed and needs would vary.

Vivek and Abhishek, the founder and Co-founder of GoZapX, say, “GoZapX provides products such as Smart Sockets (3.3 kW or 7.7 kW can be used at Homes or even at public places), AC Charging Stations (Fast, Slow and moderate with capacities of 3.3 kW, 7.7 kW, and 22 kW), and Customizable Battery Swap Stations (with ability to serve up to 100 customers in a single day).

The company GoZapX is inviting Investors and Business models to partner with them to become either Distributors, Investors, or Host. The company is open to appointing Distributors and Franchises across India. The company also wants to partner with Individual property owners who are willing to install charging stations at their premise and earn a recurring income with almost 300% ROI and an expected break-even in 4-6 months.

The company has also partnered with big E-commerce and Delivery/Logistics companies to offer their charging stations to their delivery fleet to increase the adoption rates. Vivek Kumar, Founder, GoZapX, says, Big Companies such as Zomato and Amazon have already stated that they will convert the majority of their delivery fleet into EVs.

The USP:

GoZapX helps Individuals and Businesses such as Home/Property owners, Grocery/Kirana shops, Cafes/Restaurants, EV Dealerships & Showrooms, Petrol Pumps & In-Outs, Shopping Malls, Parking Lots, Residential Societies, and Offices can get charging stations installed at their premise and earn recurring income and also get additional footfall of customers with a new facility.

Vivek and Abhishek, the founder and Co-founder, says people are even eager to collaborate with us and become EV charging business visionaries. We are thinking of a model where exceptionally energetic and visionary people can collaborate with us and take an interest in extending this charger network for the future of EV portability in their particular spots. This could be an established model or something different out and out. We can complete multiple times more in case individuals will contribute with us and repeat what we are doing in their city or region.

The e-mobility area across the world is confronting an exemplary chicken and egg problem, and GoZapX smart charging network could be a potential solution. While development has been going on the facade of delivering electric two/three/four wheeler cars, most countries, including India, are stuck on making charging networks. GoZapX is addressing this problem with partners by boosting landowners to set up charging stations on their premises and make a vigorous EV charging foundation since their goal is to get more business partners to associate with them as Distributors, Franchise, or Host.