D7 Events by Akash Goyal Launch an In-House Desi English Band

New Delhi [India], September 23: With the successful inception of D7 Events for more than two months now, the events company owned by Akash Goyal launched Desi English band – a Live DJ band to make events a complete experiential affair.

The new vertical was added to the company with the vision to empower and sustain the creative agency of artists.

The band is India’s most energetic & versatile DJ based live band, which offers a complete package of DJ, Percussionist, Dholi, Saxophonist, Vocalists and Performers.

Desi English band has presence PAN India that sources out professional talent to not compromise on the quality of the event. Being an in the house band, it completely aligns with the theme and requirement of the occasion to deliver just the right mix of performance, suiting the essence of the event.

On occasion, Akash Goyal, the Founder of D7, said, “Given that a lot of planning and organization goes into making the event memorable, it is important that the various categories involved in the event are in perfect synchrony. As hiring a band from outside is more expensive and involves a lot of time in a briefing about the entire event, we came up with the idea to launch an in house band to be more cost-effective and deliver efficient results. Likewise, in the process, we also empower the artists and undertake the responsibility of integrated talent management.”

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