Jakera Choudhury: The young entrepreneur in the financial markets, making her unique niche.

Coming from a small town called Sutarkandi to becoming the “Khiladi No.1” on CNBC Awaaz, she has come a long way.

Mumbai, November 19: Isn’t it wonderful to learn about all those women who ensure to take giant leaps in their chosen fields and industries? These wonderful talents of the world have been making a lot of noise with their innate skills and talents and acquired knowledge. Women today are making sure to enthral all with their prowess and excellence and motivate many others out there to become their best versions in all that they choose to lay their hands on. The world of stock markets thus far was more celebrated for the wins that men made; however, tables have turned, and for good, where today women like Jakera Choudhury have been celebrated more. Wondering why? Well, Jakera Choudhury serves as one of the finest examples of a brilliant mind in the stock markets, whose knowledge and passion helped her become the “Khiladi No.1” on popular news channel CNBC Awaaz.

Who is Jakera Choudhury, you ask? Well, this young lady is the one who hailed from a small town, entered entrepreneurship, made incredible investments and became a successful trading analyst, besides becoming much more in the world of business. Jakera Choudhury came from Sutarkandi Karimganj and studied from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Karimganj. In 2008, after her higher secondary, she moved to Hyderabad and did her B-Tech. Then, going further, she did certification courses in the fundamentals of market analysis. Today, Jakera Choudhury serves as a security analyst and advisor on stocks.

Jakera Choudhury confesses how she decodes the companies’ charts by following investor’s calls, corporate announcements and understanding the psychology of buyers and sellers for getting the best returns. However, it was her phenomenal investments, predictions and knowledge that landed her in CNBC Awaaz’s show, where she became the Khiladi No.1. Jakera Choudhury had begun investing in stocks in 2014 but only started trading in 2020.

Apart from this, Jakera Choudhury is the co-founder and director of Jasarena India Pvt Ltd and the head of Jasarena Trading Desk. The former is her event management company based in Hyderabad, and the latter provides free training to the unemployed youths and homemakers to help them generate income by trading and share market.

Jakera Choudhury has become one of India’s top trading analysts and entrepreneurs and is constantly inspiring many others in the world. To know more, follow her on Twitter @jakerachoudhury.