Well Known Entrepreneur Subhash Dawar Invites Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra To Visit Surat

Kangen machine is also gifted to Chopra family

November 22: Surat’s eminent entrepreneur Subhash Dawar is famous for doing what his heart says. Amidst rising fuel prices, on Diwali, Subhash Dawar gifted electric scooters to the employees of his company. His initiative made media headlines across the country. Now in the latest development, Subhash Dawar has invited Olympic gold medalist and Neeraj Chopra, who has become the heartthrob of young hearts across the country, to visit Surat.

While Subhash Dawar had gone to Haryana to attend the wedding ceremony of Neeraj Chopra’s elder sister in the Chopra family, he met Neeraj Chopra. In the meantime, while appreciating the achievements of Neeraj Chopra, he expressed his desire to hold a ceremony honoring him in the textile city of Surat. Subhash Dawar said that Neeraj Chopra had accepted his invitation to come to Surat, saying that at present, he is busy in training, and he will come to Surat as soon as he gets time. He is so excited to come to the beautiful Surat!

Let us tell you that when Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal in the Olympics, there was a rain of gifts by big industrial groups, central and state governments and government and private institutions. At that time also, Subhash Dawar, the leader of the Alliance group, had gifted the machine of Kangen – Alliance to Neeraj Chopra and met his family. His aim was that with the use of the Kangen machine, the entire Chopra family should consume clean and healthy water and stay healthy always. It has to be seen when the young stars who are being respected across the country become guests of Surat.

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