Amit Agarwal and Dimple Agarwal revolutionise the beauty and wellness industry with their brand Wellness Language, introducing India’s first 10,000 mg Collagen Super-drink

New Delhi (India), April 19: The beauty and wellness industry shall witness a revolution with Power-Couple Mr Amit Agarwal and Mrs Dimple Agarwal’s latest offering to the country! The power-couple’s beauty and wellness brand Wellness Language is all set to disrupt the Indian markets with its first product. Wellness Language’s 10,000 mg Collagen drink is one of a kind! The beauty super-drink is enriched with the most powerful variant of Collagen i.e 10,000 mg & a unique blend of ingredients, which cannot be found currently in the Indian marketplaces.

The Agarwal power-couple figured out the need-gap of the consumers through extensive research, paving the way for the unique product. On the formulation, Mr Amit Agarwal, founder, of Wellness Language, adds, “Firstly, we are duly committed to providing world-class products to the Indian masses. After extensive research, we realised that our countrymen are deprived of a powerful super-drink that can enhance their body functions and appearance which encouraged us to bring this formulation to the country. Daily consumption of our Collagen drink for 90 days shall doubly enhance skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and improve joint muscles, helps in reducing unwanted fat and much more!”

Mrs Dimple Agarwal, the Co-Founder of Wellness Language, adds, “Wellness Language comes with a tagline of ‘redefining beauty.’ In today’s times, wherein people have realised the eminence of skincare, fitness, weight management, they want the best for themselves and their families. Our Collagen super-drink is one of its kinds and the first-ever 10,000 mg formulation shall definitely be a boon for beauty and fitness enthusiasts.”

Wellness Language’s 10,000 mg Collagen drink is here to benefit the Indian masses. With the launch of the same, the brand is all set to become a pioneer of world-class beauty and wellness products in the Indian diaspora. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Wellness Language is already a go-to brand for top dermatologists and nutritionists in the country. Wellness Language’s Collagen drink along with all their products is formulated after extensive research, is skin-friendly and is FSSAI approved. Mr Amit Agarwal and Mrs Dimple Agarwal are dedicated to their commitment to providing best-in-class products to their countrymen and have an array of products that shall be launched in the near future.  One can easily follow their account @wellnesslanguage on Instagram & website  to stay updated with the best in the beauty and wellness industry.