The next big name of bare-knuckle fighting – Bryan “El Gallo” Duran

January 14: Were you a fan of late-night tv while growing up? Then you must be aware of the bare-knuckle fights which would be telecasted on the sports channels. Over the years, bare-knuckle fighting has maintained its popularity among those who are true fans of the sports genre. Every year, hundreds of newcomers try their luck at it, hoping to rise to the spotlight as the next legend among professional fighters. One such individual is Bryan “El Gallo” Duran, born in Matanzas, Cuba and raised in Miami Dade County.

When we hear about fighters, especially in a professional scenario, our first thought is usually along the lines of the mental and physical toll this type of profession might take. Bryan “El Gallo” Duran admits that indeed this is the case, and it has taken a lot of time, effort and sheer determination to be able to stand where he is today. Apart from this, Bryan Duran also had to give up his music career, which he had been pursuing for over 11 years, to make time for fighting. “I always had it in me. I just never had the opportunity, and I had a hard life, so it made me more of a beast for this sport, so it’s the perfect place for me. While knowing I’m facing people with 15-plus years of experience. I still stood tall and in less than a year, I was already 3-0 with 3KO’s on my way to my 4th. And this is just the beginning. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication but mostly discipline. It’s you against the world, no other way around it.”, Bryan Duran reveals, speaking about his experiences along the way.

Indeed, Bryan Duran has a true talent for the sport, since he holds the record for the second-fastest knockout in the history of bare-knuckle fighting. Even though this is quite a significant feat, the pro considers this to be just the beginning. In the future, we can hope to see Bryan “El Gallo” Duran grow into his expectations as a billion-dollar brand, living in an expensive house perched atop a hill. Till then, make sure to keep an eye on Bryan “El Gallo” Duran and his future milestones by following him on social media today!

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