Famous ice cream brand Gopal’s 56 to expand, eyes national presence

After tickling the taste buds of ice cream and food lovers in Delhi for nearly four decades, Gopal’s 56 is looking to open stores in other states

New Delhi [India], July 5: Gopal’s 56, a name synonymous with high-quality ice cream and a fast-growing diversified food & beverages company, is set to expand and is eyeing a pan-India presence in the next few years.

Gopal’s 56, which started as a small juice and ice cream stall in the mid-80s in New Delhi, is looking at state-wise master franchisees to scale up its presence and operations significantly. The company presently has five outlets, four of them in Delhi and one in Rishikesh, and also caters to embassies of more than 100 countries via points of sale.

“We are working on opening new outlets that will include both company-owned and company-operated, and franchisee-owned and franchise-operated outlets. We are looking at state-wise master franchisees so that we can expand our presence quickly,” said Gaurav Goyal, Director, Gopal’s 56, and a second-generation entrepreneur.

Gaurav joined Gopal’s 56, founded by his father, Late Shri Dinesh Chand Goyal and his mother, Late Smt. Rajni Devi Goyal, in 2001. He took over the reins of Gopal’s 56 after his father’s passing away and is leading its transformation from a small ice cream manufacturer to a diversified food & beverage company. Already a well-established brand in Delhi, Gopal’s 56 has shown strong growth in recent years, and Gaurav now wants to take the company to the next level.

Even as plans to expand within the country are in the making, an international foray is also on the cards. Gopal’s 56 are set to launch active infused ice creams internationally through Gopal’s 56 Inc.

“The active infused ice creams contain dietary fibre, pre & probiotic enzymes, and are a healthier version of regular ice cream. There are also other features in these ice creams. We aim to launch this in the international market by April 2022,” said Gaurav.

All of Gopal’s 56 ice creams are 100% vegetarian and oil-free. Apart from the regular flavours, the company also offers ice creams in new and innovative flavours such as Charanamrit and Paan Gopal. It also offers a range of healthy ice creams containing Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Curcumin, Brahmi, and other ingredients extensively used in traditional medicine and a host of health benefits.

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