Jai Bhatia Enjoying The Attention

February 28: Jai Bhatia, an actor by profession, has emerged out to be the new crush in the film industry. He is being loved by people on social media and his content is absolutely adored, mainly by his female fans. His cute boy, next door look and mesmerizingly hot body is being loved by many girls.

When asked how he feels about it, he opened up about being the ‘ladies’ man’ during an interview as he stated, “I love the attention, I feel blessed and making people happy is something that I love. Compliments are good, but the most important thing to remember is to stay grounded.”

He further added, “I love compliments and I really feel very happy that this kind of love is being showered upon me. I really feel lucky that after all those years of hard work people are recognising me and it feels nice.” In his work life, Jai is in conversation with many producers and directors and is constantly doing commercials. He is a part of a lot of fashion campaigns. Time and again he also collaborates with brands on social media.

Jai who has been very happy with the kind of appreciation he is getting is also keen to make his Bollywood debut. Upon asking about the kind of project he will be happy to be a part of, he reverted, “Anything which makes me happy and shows my metal as a performer will be amazing, I have always loved being an entertainer more than anything else, I think that is what excites me as an actor.” Jai has been also getting attention for his very attractive fashion sense, which is being admired by his fans on social media who love to see him in different looks.

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