Dr. Gurjot Marwah launches an Online Skin Diagnosis App – FIBON

New Delhi (India), March 12: Fibon is the first skin diagnosis app developed by practicing dermatologists and is a breakthrough in the times of digital expansion. Medical treatments are always preferred individualized, according to all research and exhaustive studies and Fibon as a platform ensures that their diagnosis reports are always one-to-one. It gives you a comprehensive and well-evaluated report that has been analyzed and approved by their team of Dermatologists.

Through their multi-layered vetting process, they analyze the symptoms, the condition of the patient and give you the diagnosed condition/disease, with suggestive treatment options and the severity level.

The enthusiasm for the development of such an app is undoubtedly welcoming in light of data indicating that over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from dermatologic conditions with a shortage of specialists to keep up with demand and affordable prices. However, empowering patients with such a smooth and straightforward platform will lead them to a trusted and reliable diagnosis.

The dire need for Fibon arose for two reasons: dermatologists not being easily accessible and the possibility of diagnosing the majority of skin disorders at a glance and symptoms of a patient. With the start of 2022 and things shifting their focus to digital mediums, a phone app was all that made the difference in people’s lives. Fibon is an app backed by real dermatologists, unlike the AI model used by similar competitors. This would eliminate the possibility of fraudulent reports or reports based on sample data.

Dr. Gurjot Marwah, a Certified Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon at Dr. Marwah’s Clinic based in Mumbai, Founder/Partner of Fibon says, ”We were longing for a platform to come up sooner which would reduce the twin boundaries that limit the practice of Dermatology. Skin Diagnosis should be available to the masses and at nominal rates. When it comes to skin problems, the majority of patients either google their problems or visit a general physician and other non-specialist. 85% of the time, many skin problems can be diagnosed in a single glance and visiting the dermatologists in person is not needed. These skin conditions are generally ignored when they are minor, and hence addressal becomes the root issue. Now with FIBON there is no need to ignore or delay your diagnosis, as help is just a few clicks away.”

He further said, “Fibon also enables general physicians and non-specialists in India and other countries to diagnose and provide treatment options. The platform is only intended to provide a diagnosis, not to be a substitute, as many conditions may require in-person visits or additional examining of the issue. Rather I hope it gives everyone access to authoritative information so they can make a more informed decision about their next step.”

‘FIBON – Your Pocket Dermat’ is an easy-to-use application with a simple and efficient user interface and user experience.

Step 1: Download the app

Fibon app is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Step 2: Login/Signup

Once the app is installed, it will enable the user to log in or signup through their email, Facebook or Google IDs. All data is secured through end-to-end encryption.

Step 3: Give the information

Choose the body part, click images, explain the issue in one line and send.

Step 4: Pay and get the report

The users have a variety of options to pay to range from Wallets, UPI to Debit and Credit cards. The payments are secured, and Fibon offers 100% cashback if one doesn’t get the report in 15 minutes.

If a user doesn’t wish to download the app on their phone, they also have the choice of using the brilliance of the M-Web version – m.fibonapp.com

The accuracy of the diagnostic report delivered by the app is 99%. Dermatologists check and diagnose any skin condition under 15 minutes which gives a comprehensive report for the patient in just Rs.99! While there are so many apps for ‘Cosmetology’, there is no platform for ‘Clinical dermatology’ in this era of digital disruption.

A simple platform like this, which can be hosted on a smartphone in the hands of a community healthcare worker, a person in a remote area or even a metro city, will drastically improve the rate of early diagnosis of skin diseases and their treatments. Fibon app also features a well-researched library that covers nearly 130 of the most common human skin disorders. The skin conditions, symptoms and effects are written and checked by their pool of experts who are board-certified dermatologists. Fibon app boasts of diagnosing as much as 130 skin issues compared to the AI models, which have minimal use based on the data fed.

Fibon- Your Pocket Dermat is a diagnosis platform with a highly efficient technology-led approach. The brand aims to transcend geographical boundaries and make a smooth dermatological diagnosis available to areas where accessibility of a Dermatologist is an issue. The brand is super scalable as it costs 1/10th of a dermatological appointment. FIBON costs only INR 99/- for a quick diagnosis in India and $5 outside the country.

Fibon has huge growth potential, given that there are hardly any apps for serious skin disease diagnosis around the globe. The ones currently doing the rounds are “skincare coaches” for cosmetic treatment and machine-based apps that need much tuning to build their model. While there is no definitive study on the prevalence of skin diseases, Fibon could be a game-changer for Indian and global markets in the future.