St. George’s University, In Association with Ramaiah Group of Institutions To Host “Mini-Med Course 2022” for Medical Aspirants

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], June 9:  St. George’s University (SGU), in association with Ramaiah Group of Institutions, will hold its annual “Mini-Med” Course on the campus of Ramaiah International Medical School in Bangalore. The sessions will be held on the 10th and 11th June for students from classes 11 and 12.

Since 2019, SGU and Ramaiah’s “Mini-Med” Course has allowed students to get a glimpse into medical education and experience the broad spectrum of topics they would expect to encounter at medical school. In 2022, students on the two-day course will take taster classes in medical ethics, dissection and basic surgical skills, and anatomical terminology. They will also be introduced to fascinating topics such as emergency medicine and basic life support. The primary objective of the “Mini-Med” Course is to give students an in-depth perspective about what to expect while they are being trained to be a doctor, and to envision themselves embarking on a global career in medicine.

Comprising a series of moderated and interactive sessions, the two-day course will cover a diverse range of topics and provide students with an opportunity to understand medicine as a career path. Students will engage with multiple on-ground academic staff to gain practical experience through experiential training, and lab work in small group sessions. The St. George’s University faculty will also enable students to become familiar with worldwide healthcare systems and global healthcare challenges.

“Today’s medical aspirants have access to a wealth of information before making any decisions regarding their future education. SGU and Ramaiah’s “Mini-Med” Course goes further than research; allowing students to engage with experienced medical experts and provide motivation to follow their dream of becoming a doctor.” adds Dr. Sudha Suresh, Associate Dean, Ramaiah International Medical School.

In addition to gaining insights into the life of a medical student, the sessions aim to help students select and obtain information about a career in medicine. Students will get certificates upon successful completion of the course and will also have the opportunity to interact and network with senior medical academic professionals.

About St. George’s University School of Medicine:

Founded in 1976 with the goal of drawing the best talent and practices from around the world, St. George’s University (SGU) has become a leading centre for academic excellence worldwide. With students and faculty drawn from more than 150 countries, SGU is truly an international institution, with a uniquely global perspective, perfectly poised to help educate students in this rapidly changing world.

St. George’s University School of Medicine has a four-year Doctor of Medicine degree program or offers five-, six-, and seven-year Medical Degree Pathways with entry points available for students from any education system around the world. SGU has a large network of 75+ affiliated hospitals and health centres in the US and UK and also has a unique opportunity for students to begin their medical career in Grenada, the United Kingdom, or India.

About Ramaiah Group of Institutions:

Ramaiah Medical College was founded in 1979 and is currently considered among India’s top 20 medical institutes. Ramaiah International Medical School was founded in 2006 as part of the Medical College to provide students with a worldwide perspective on medicine. In addition, in 2012, the Ramaiah Clinical Research Centre was founded. In Bengaluru, the institute has over 125 tie ups and over 100 research collaborations with individual academics, as well as over 25 educational and hospital organisations.

Furthermore, with 1,650 patient beds spread across four hospitals on the Ramaiah complex, Ramaiah Memorial Hospital is one of Bengaluru’s top five hospitals.

In 2013, the group founded Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences in Bengaluru, which is now a leading research and innovation-focused academic institution.