World Environment Day Celebrated at IDT: Inspiring the Next Generation through Earth Colors and Natural Dye Methods

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 6:  IDT (Institute of Design and Technology), in collaboration with Archroma, celebrated World Environment Day with a captivating workshop to educate and inspire students about the beauty of Earth colors and the importance of sustainable fashion. The event, held at IDT’s premises, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of students eager to learn and explore sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Director Ankita Goyal, a strong advocate for sustainable fashion, addressed the students, emphasizing the significance of adopting eco-friendly practices and using natural dyes in reducing the textile industry’s environmental impact. Ankita Goyal highlighted the importance of preserving our planet and encouraged students to embrace innovative techniques and materials that promote sustainability.

Under the guidance of Mr. Amol from Team Archroma, an expert in natural dyes and Earth Colors, students had the opportunity to create unique fabric designs using organic materials like flowers, turmeric, and vegetables. The students crafted various creative accessories with these natural dyes, including tote bags, scrunchies, clutches, and headbands, showcasing their talent and passion for sustainable fashion.

The workshop served as a platform for students to learn about sustainable practices and experience the beauty and versatility of natural dyes. By using Earth colors derived from organic sources, the students gained a deeper understanding of the connection between fashion and environmental consciousness.

IDT and Archroma are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the fashion industry and inspiring the next generation of designers to prioritize eco-friendly approaches. The workshop was a testament to their commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

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