Interview with Mr. Priyadarshi Mishra, Founder and CEO, Design and Construct, A part of All about Buildings Pvt Ltd

August 27: 

Tell us about Design and Construct.

We are a leading affordable construction company that deals with end-to-end needs of home and commercial construction such as Interiors, renovation, floor addition, and even painting with an option of customizing your requirements, creating a synergy between the teams to ensure there is proper coordination. Hence, we give our clients peace of mind as our top talents are working on building your dream home.

We are an end to end tech-enabled construction company with an in-house team of planning managers, architects, structural engineers and project management team.

How is Design and Construct different from other building and construction companies?

As the industry is growing, a significant size of the companies aims at enlarging business by targeting only high valued projects such as commercial places, residential apartments & high valued Individual residential homes but not affordable Individual residential homes.

We have in-house team Architects, Project managers and construction experts, and we also provide a platform to clients to manage and track all the progress on site. Considering the untreated market, both in terms of value & volume of these individual residential projects and the projects that are being constructed in unorganised systems, we felt that we could create a new business module that is Tech-driven like a one-stop solution to the customers by accepting these projects & providing the services in an organized manner.

What is your take on sustainable construction, and what is your company doing in that direction?

Since we are a company providing customised home construction and as per our client requirements, we advise our clients to go for sustainable homes, which primarily mean the impact of construction on the environment. We suggest our clients to use sustainable building materials such as Bamboo, recycled plastic and laminated timbers. Also, we use building methods that enhance renewable and sustainable efforts.

How do you see the Indian realty sector shaping up? What is your vision for future urban development?

The current individual construction sector is close to 2 Billion Dollars in India. Customers are arranging their own contractors and architects both by themselves or going to PMC (Project management companies) with a lot of pinch to their time and money. We want to be the number one Prop- tech Company for Affordable construction solutions across the country and a well-reputed global Company.

Construction companies traditionally invest less than 1 per cent of revenue in technology. What are your views?

We are working on a tech-enabled construction model, and 90% of the work is done on the tech platform. We are investing huge on tech to build a tech product that gives a one-stop solution for all construction requirements.

Technology is transforming Indian real estate. What new technologies have you incorporated in the construction work of your projects?

We have introduced a mobile app, where the clients can track all at one go (payments tracker, Project schedule, Contact the team assigned, 2D & 3D plans of their home and also live updates from their site). This app also enables to generate reports and do validation of work on the ground.

What initiatives should the government take to aid the recovery of the real estate sector from the crisis caused by the pandemic?

  • Vaccinating the Labours.

Control on the increasing material prices, which will help us to reduce the rising cost of projects.