A New Talk of The Town

December 27: In the 21st Century, we almost have every answer online. Type in some keywords, and voila, you will have a solution. But what if you get a personal touch to that answer? Wouldn’t it create a better experience? So, to boost real feelings, perceptions, and views of the financial world, Divya Tusnial, award-winning Life Insurance Planner, is coming with a financial talk show, “Manage Wealth with Divya Tusnial”.

The host has challenged and conquered the life insurance industry in a decade’s time. She has won numerous accolades at international and national levels. Divya has achieved Life Member honor with MDRT and 13 MDRT honors. She qualifies to promote MDRT culture at AIA group since 2018. She has won Insurance Agent of the Year multiple times at Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

Since March 2020, we have been through a difficult ride. India has recorded more than 4 million deaths due to the pandemic. Covid-19 has taught the importance of life and how a good financial plan can make a difference. Families have been through financial constraints; businesses have seen extreme tough times. Therefore, planned action and great strategic insight can help us lead a stronger future.

Along with Covid-19, the world is witnessing a move towards a more sustainable future. Investors, planners, and businesses are expected to adapt to more sustainable future policies. This will have a major financial impact on many business houses and organizations as they make themselves future adaptable.

On Manage Wealth with Divya Tusnial, Divya will be in discussion with leaders from BFSI, health, education, and other sectors. They will focus on current developments and changes in the financial world at personal and industrial levels. Guests will share their experiences and thoughts to the ever-changing, ever-demanding world.

As we slowly enter into the metaverse, we need to be equally present in the real world. On Manage Wealth with the Divya Tusnial talk show, viewers’ real questions on life, finance, health, education and many more will be answered.

Manage Wealth with Divya Tusnial will be directed by Paramita Banerjee and will be produced by Nimbu Mirchi Nimbu Studios, Mumbai. The marketing mandate has been shared with Nimbu Mirchi Nimbu Studios. The marketing and advertising campaign will be customer-centric and focused on updating viewers on the finance and insurance market. The campaign is planned across social media, radio and digital media. Manage Wealth with Divya Tusnial will be the first in-house production by the Studios. Episodes will be available on Manage Wealth Show YouTube page. Viewers will be updated about the show details via Manage Wealth Show Facebook page.

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