Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport & Highways inaugurates New Vehicle Scrapping Facility by Abhishek Group and Kaiho Sangyo Japan

New Delhi (India), May 13: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India introduced a notification in 2021 to prohibit unfit and old vehicles to ply on roads, as a step towards reducing carbon footprint and pollution and improving road safety. Sensing an opportunity, Abhishek Group partnered with Kaiho Sangyo Japan which is a pioneer in Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF) in Japan. The Joint Venture Company, Abhishek K Kaiho launched its first RVSF in Haryana on Tuesday, May 10th 2022. The state-of-the-art technology-enabled plant was inaugurated by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport & Highways, GOI. Mr. Gadkari has spearheaded the first-ever Vehicle Scrappage Policy for India which will fight against pollution and is in the interest of Road and Vehicle safety. Aligned to his waste to wealth policy, he was delighted to see how scrapped vehicles can be utilized for the manufacturing of new vehicles thus reducing India’s dependence on imported steel and other products and also reducing India’s carbon footprint.

Abhishek Group was incorporated in 1984 as the first company in India to introduce Seat Belts to Indian OEM’s. Headquartered in Gurgaon NCR, with a legacy spanning over 38 years, the group has since forayed into manufacturing and trading other automotive safety products such as Air Bags, Steering Wheels, Reverse Parking Sensors and more. The group has also diversified into automotive accessories, vehicle electronics, registered vehicle recycling, logistics & warehousing and high-security registration plates.

“The AKK plant is the first unique facility in India that uses modern technology to salvage and reuse a maximum number of components from the vehicle and help recycle commodities like steel and plastic by melting and reusing in an environmentally friendly manner. The plant has a capacity to recycle 1800 vehicles every month and we will set up another 7 to 8 facilities across the country within the next few years” said Mr. Anirudh Kedia, Director of AKK. “We believe in changing Waste to Treasure,” said Yuki Miyagawa San Director from Kaiho Japan Stationed in India, whose main responsibility is to migrate the environment-friendly practices from Japan to India where every component/commodity of the vehicle is either reused or recycled without releasing any harmful gases or oils into the Planet.

The Group Chairman, Mr. Dhiraj Dhar Gupta said “as a group, we believe in a Customer First approach that is delivered through honest and ethical business processes, whilst adhering to the highest quality standards. We also believe in serving society at large by implementing sustainable practices and creating a safe and clean world for the generations to come. This has been the genesis of AKK RVSF.”

On this occasion, Abhishek Group also announced 2 more new Joint Ventures:

With Sumori Metal, Japan for the manufacturing of High-Security Registration Plates under the name Abhishek K Sumori Metals that will manufacture HSRP for all OEM’s. Sumori Metal is a pioneer in the HSRP business in Japan with over 100 years of manufacturing experience. The company has already set up a plant in Manesar, Haryana with an installed capacity of 3 million HSRP per month and a fully automated plant from Crest Holland.

With Elektrosil, Germany for the manufacturing of Seat Ventilation Systems and other vehicle cooling systems under the name Abhishek Elektrosil Auto Components. Elektrosil Germany is a supplier to Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler and others. They began their venture in India with Volkswagen as their first customer.

“We are very excited to grow and progress our group businesses under the guidance of our Chairman, Mr Dhiraj Gupta. From introducing seat belts to recycling and scrappage of vehicles, Mr. Gupta has always been at the forefront of businesses that have shaped the future of the automobile industry in India. The RVSF venture gives us an opportunity to give back to our country by cleaning up vehicle waste, and recycling vehicle parts/commodities which in turn reduce our dependence on imported materials and make manufacturing of new vehicles cheaper. The policy also ensures that older vehicles with poor safety measures and emission norms don’t run on Indian roads and hence help reduce our fossil fuel consumption.

Our 2 new joint ventures also come from a vision of introducing new and innovative products. The HSRP venture will secure our country’s vehicle fleet and ensure that they are not used for inappropriate activities. This will also make the identification of vehicles easier thereby easing governance processes. The Seat Ventilation Systems is a first of a kind designed for very hot and humid climate we experience in India and will ensure a safe, cool and comfortable experience for passengers” said Mr. Shreedhar Gupta, MD of Abhishek Group.