Decoding Financial Freedom through Stock market with Vibhor Varshney

Janaury 24: Vibhor Varshney is one of the most emerging names in the field of the financial market these days. His organization “Vighnahara Investment Solutions” is making tremendous strides because of its practical and client-focused approach in managing investment challenges. These challenges include a thorough assessment of an individual’s risk profile, investment potential and wealth ambitions. The firm is known to have a very dynamic and up-to-date analytic algorithm. Concern uses the latest technology and assesses the same to conclude the optimum solutions, to track the market and to make better investment decisions. Vibhor says, “This is just the beginning; we have already covered major parts of India and are aiming to go pan India very soon.”

Vibhor is undoubtedly one of the youngest stock market millionaires. As a youngster, his aim was to pursue CA but soon realised the potential of the market and got interested in the whims and fancy of the stock market. He invested several months in researching the stock market, did various courses for enhancing his knowledge and developed expertise regarding the same and then finally started investing with a mere amount of 3000/- which was back then his pocket money. With great knowledge and sheer brilliance, not long after, he made a fortune.

The year 2020-21 and 2021-22were very good for investment in the stock market as more and more young talents were keen to take an interest in it. The major reason behind this was the global pandemic where everybody wanted to seize the opportunity whilst sitting at their home; the stock market came to the rescue of all. Thanks to various apps that now facilitate investing on the go through smartphones on the fingertips, the stock market is way easier than it used to be. In 2022 we are looking for the trend to continue. Even after such widespread acceptance of the stock market, there are still people who compare investing to gambling, and this is what Vibhor wants to change. For the next stage, Vibhor Varshney wants to broaden and transform the financial paradigm of Indians. He uses various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter to change the investment mindset in India and to reach one and all.

One piece of Advice to the young people who want to start Investing-

“Investing into the market is not a subject of luck and chance; it is always a subject of strategy, analysis, study, experience and educated decisions. Once you study or take a stock market training course, you will find out that the Stock market, if used effectively, is a Gold mine of earning money sitting at your home. Of Course, if you won’t study and invest blindly, you may be subject to lose.” – shares Vibhor. “Profit and loss are a part of the stock market, and if you want to make money, you must also learn to deal with losses. Through meticulous study and analysis, what you can do is increase your profits and lower your losses to the extent that they don’t really matter.”

Of Course, not everyone can give time and patience to the process of study and analysis, here is where “Vighnahara Investment Solutions” comes into play. They provide A-Z research analysis to help their clients.